Check out the behind scene footage of Brooklyn teaching Larry King how to take one of her infamous instagram #SELFIES. Tune into Larry’s full “Larry King Now” interview with Brooklyn, airing 4/28/14 on Ora TV and Hulu!

In this week’s edition of “Sounds of the Toyota Green Room” Brooklyn snaps photos at the photo booth with her parents and Gayle King. She also talks about the influence her parents had on her career and diet:

Brooklyn sat down with’s Carey Reilly to reveal that she’s a friend with just kind of a better life than you, but perfect it is not:

In this video clip below Brooklyn tells Craig about her temper when she tries to play tennis with her husband. She ends up destroying the racket.

Recently Brooklyn talked about her new show ‘Friends With Better Lives’ and her unique phone case she can’t live without to USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham:

Her $39.99 pink iPhone case from CM4 — which can carry two credit cards and a driver’s license — is all she uses now. “I don’t carry a purse anymore. It’s not that I don’t like bags, but they get stuffed with hotel keys and cards; it gets so bulbous.” With the case, “I find that if it allows just three things, I’m good to go.”

She likes to use Waze (free; Apple, Android, Windows) to check local traffic and Paperless Post (free, Apple) for sending out e-invites to her friends. A recent addition: Voice Changer Plus (free, Apple,), which records your voice, then alters it into the sound of a ghost, turtle, a person who just sucked in helium and more.

“My best friend just turned 30, and I hosted her surprise party. We kidnapped her. I was wearing a Richard Nixon mask and did this voice (via the app) to scare her in the car.”

Decker has nearly 600,000 followers — about half as many as her husband, tennis great Andy Roddick, who clocks in at 1.2 million.

“I started on Twitter back in 2009. At the time I was modeling, and Twitter gave me a voice.” At home, they discuss each others tweets. “I’ll say, ‘I can’t believe what you said on Twitter.’ He has a really snarky take on sports and isn’t afraid to voice his opinions. That’s why people love him or hate him.”

Beyond Roddick, she also likes:

• CNN Breaking News, “because I find more news in their tweets than on their actual site.”
• Author Kelly Oxford: “She’s really funny.”
• Comedians: Director Paul Feig, Conan O’Brien and Seth Meyers.

She grew up without a TV, so she likes to binge.

“I have a hard time waiting week to week. I did seven episodes of (Netflix’s House of Cards) in one night — I got lost in a black hole. But it’s how I watch TV now.”

HD screencaptures from last night’s episode of ‘Friends With Better Lives’ have been added to our gallery. The episode was very very funny, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Brooklyn chats with John Elliott about comedy, friends and why she knows nothing about “Dawson’s Creek” in the video below:

How does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing his best Matthew McConaughey impression, Tony Hale with his pants off, Brooklyn Decker and Bella Thorne, all in one fantastic video all together, sound? Amazing? Crazy? Real? All of the above. Here’s a very special sneak peek of the off-the-wall MTV Movie Awards edition of After Hours.

Brooklyn celebrates her 27th birthday today, and we would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday! Brooklyn, we hope you have a special and relaxing day with your loved ones, and the year ahead brings you even more success and happiness! We will always be here supporting you all the way!

Brooklyn shares her birthday with her mother and grandmother, so we would also like to use this opportunity to wish these two wonderful women lots of health, happiness and love!