How to Sell Your Car Online

If you prefer a ‘hands off’ approach to selling your vehicle, you can organise it all from the convenience of your home! Everything can be done online nowadays, and selling your car online is no exception. There are several different options when you want to sell your car online, and we’ll discuss the most common ones.

As mentioned on the home page, it is important to sufficiently prepare your vehicle before you go about listing it for sale. That involves a proper interior and exterior clean, whether it’s do it yourself or through the services of a professional.

Sell Your Car Online

Sell your car on TradeMe

TradeMe is used by hundreds of thousands of Kiwis to buy and sell unwanted goods. TradeMe Motors is a designated section of the website to selling vehicles of all kinds, including cars, utes, trucks, vans and boats.

Through TradeMe, you can advertise the vehicle you have for sale with descriptions and photos. This will then get categorized, so people searching for specific makes, models or keywords can easily find your vehicle.

Keep in mind that there is a listing fee involved with putting your car for sale on TradeMe.

It’s also important to keep safe when people ask to view or test drive the vehicle. Make sure you go with them for the test drive – so they don’t steal the car. If you’re not comfortable doing this alone, ask a friend or family member to go with you.

Sell your car on Facebook

Facebook is a very effective tool for getting a message across to a wide group of people. Simply by making a post, it has the potential to reach hundreds, even thousands of people. You can use your Facebook profile to make a post, advertising your car for sale. List as much information as you can about it, and ask anyone interested to private message you. Asking your friends to share your post will help it reach more people too.